Henna Dinners

Henna Buffet Dinner

~Hors D'oeuvres~

Cubba burgul

Cubba potato

Assorted bourekas

Moroccan cigars

Sambusak tawa


Apricot meat balls


Franks in blanket


Rotisserie Shawarma

Fresh falafel

Cold salads


baba ghanoush

Turkish salad

pickles and olives

pickled torshi

Toasted pita chips

Beverage station

Persian tea

Candied orange peel

Sugar cubes

Rock candy stirrers


Cinnamon sticks

Dates on the vine


Pita bread

Laffah bread

Assorted dinner rolls

Vegetarian tagine

Moroccan salmon

Grilled vegetables

Israeli salad

Green salad

Select two below:

White rice with almonds and raisins

Orange rice with pistachios

Green rice with lima beans

Couscous with dried fruits

Quoma sabzi


Kufta kebab

Chicken pargiot

Red cubba with beets

Iraqi tabeet

Carving station rack of veal frenched pastrami


French and Italian desserts

Sliced fruit platter

Metal platters of assorted desserts to be carried by guests and later displayed on dessert buffet




Turkish delight

Jordan almonds

Marzipan fruit



We can arrange/include for the following add ons; tables, chairs, rugs, platforms, litter, lanterns, tagine, candles, kaftans, tunics, vests, fez, gold coin hip scarves, glitter henna balls, and metal trays for dessert

Includes china, flatware, glassware, and linens

Minimum of 75 guests

Contact us for pricing

Please contact us for any specialty menus, we can do nearly any cuisine, vegan, vegetarian, nut free, gluten free, and more!

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